Thursday, August 30, 2012

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!?!?

To answer the question.....umm...I guess I am. I am NOT a huge football person. I'm from NC. We are college basketball people! GO TARHEELS!! But when I moved to AL 6 years ago, I was bombarded with the question.....Alabama or Auburn???? Huh?? Which one?? You gotta pull for somebody??? You gotta pick??? Tell me now so I will know if we can be friends or not!!! I have lots of friends that LOVE football and will have lots of football get togethers during this season. So this post is for them. I am actually going to one of these get togethers on Saturday, but mainly for social purposes, not so much football purposes. :) So with that being said.... here are a couple of recipes that I have brought to game night and were HITS as well as some new ideas. Hope you enjoy them.

1. Baby pizza bites. This comes from PaleOMG (surprise)  These things are delicious and SUPER SIMPLE TO MAKE!!
Click the link for the actual recipe but it is basically, mushrooms, sausage, and pizza sauce. So simple so yummy. I actually just bought already made up mild italian sausage from earth fare for even LESS work when making these. SO GOOD!

2. Bacon wrapped sweet potatoes.Also YUMMY!!

Preheat oven 350
Cut up 2 peeled sweet potatoes into bite sized pieces
Season with a sprinkle of chipotle powder (hot)  or chili powder
Wrap each piece in an adequate size piece of bacon, use tooth pick to secure
Place on a baking sheet and cook for about 45 minutes turning 1/2 way through

3. Chili is a good food for football parties...especially when it starts to get cooler. These are bunch of the top Paleo chili recipes. My fave is the first one.

4. Chips and dip. Not traditional potato chips and french onion dip. But sweet potato chips and guacamole. You can absolutely make your own sweet potato chips, but if you in a pinch you could use Terra chips. Be warned these are only oil and sweet potatoes but the oil is canola which we try to stay away from. But here is a great recipe for your own sweet potato and plantain chips and some awesome guac. P.S. you can make the sweet potatoes indoors as well. On the stove top or in the oven. Again from PaleOMG, what can I say.... I love her!

5. Deviled eggs
I came up with these suckers when I was just wanting something different for breakfast.
Halve hard boiled eggs
take out the yolk
mix it with guac, chopped pickled jalapenos, and chopped bacon. (amounts are as you would desire)
fill up the eggs with the mixture
top with a sprinkle of paprika
and EAT IT!

I had store bought Wholly Guacamole in the fridge here so I just used that. Click on the link for what the product looks like and for a coupon!! :)

6. BGT's. Not BLT's but BGT's.  Bacon, guac, tomato. Basically these are just little bacon sammy's.
Cut strips of bacon in half
Place on a broiler pan and cook bacon in the oven till crisp
layer one crisp piece of bacon, sliced to fit piece of tomato, dollop of guac ( I use pre made wholly guacamole here too, I actually like the spicy kind for this), and top with the second slice of crispy bacon to make a mini bacon sandwich.

7. Chocolate Chip Cookies. You need dessert right!?! These are my favorite Paleo chocolate chip cookies that I have made so far. Love them!

I am so sorry that I don't have pics of these but most of the time they disappeared before I could get a shot. They are that good! I hope you try some of these for your next football party! So Roll Tide or War Eagle....whichever you would prefer! :)

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