Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 4: 21DSD

The next 21 days I will be blogging about my adventure doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox. I will posting how I'm feeling, and also about the food I'm eating. I will not be able to post recipes from the program itself. However if you would like those recipes, information, about the program, or would like to join this or up coming 21DSD them clink the link on the side of this page.

Day 4
Today was a boring day.....Laundry, cleaning....the usual. Although my girls did get a package from their grand-pa today and are having a blast playing with their new toys! Sad to say it was pretty boring on the food front too. Trying to squeeze out everything we have in this house to make it till Sunday, when I can get back to the grocery store. I ate leftover crustless quiche for breakfast, and some grass fed meatballs and a salad for lunch. I had some tuna, greens with some olive oil, and some carrots with guacamole for dinner. I also had a bit of kombucha today. Not a lot, but when I wanted something sweet I just had a couple of sips of that. My husband says it is an acquired taste :) 
I don't really know why I like it....I HATE tea, but really enjoy kombucha. 

I received Practical Paleo today. It is huge and amazing so far. It is FAR more than a cookbook. What I have loved so far is the layout of the book. There are lots of easy to read charts and bullet list. I love both of those!! :) For me, it just makes the information available all in one place and easy to digest and understand.  

This weekend will be interesting dealing with food since we will be eating out, and going to social gathering both on Friday and Saturday. I will overcome!! Wish me luck! 

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