Thursday, August 16, 2012

Days 9 and 10 of 21DSD

The next 21 days I will be blogging about my adventure doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox. I will posting how I'm feeling, and also about the food I'm eating. I will not be able to post recipes from the program itself. However if you would like those recipes, information, about the program, or would like to join this or up coming 21DSD them clink the link on the side of this page.

Days 9 and 10
So I fell pretty awesome! The only thing that is kinda bumming me out is that my daughter is sick (the little one). She was up most of the night and she is going to the dr. this morning. :( Poor thing. Anyway, the detox is going good! I have eaten chicken and veggies, lots of salad, eggs and veggies and then last night........the yummiest of all.......Civilized Caveman's crock pot pulled pork! My Fave! 

Here are some pics of the girls helping, as usual. :) "E" is reading the recipe and we are working on measurements! 

First time touching raw meat. She was asking to do it and a little hesitant at the same time. She did a good job!

Oh my! The whole time" E" was helping, "A" kept saying...."my turn yet?!?!" I told her to hold on and her job would be the sauce. But it was just like the long car ride..."are we there yet?",  except it was "my turn yet?" about 7 thousand times non stop! :) I have to work on her cooking skills though. "E" will obey and follow directions to a T, but "A" felt the need to add about 7 TBS of cumin to the sauce. Thank goodness I caught it before she dumped it in the pot! She looks at me confused and says..."but it needed that!"

I would love to show you a beautiful picture of this beautiful pulled pork. But I forgot all about that and just started eating it! It is SO FLIPPIN' YUMMY!! You should try it!

So we get paid tomorrow and I can go grocery shopping and start making more recipes from the manual and maybe even some detox friendly recipes from Practical Paleo!!!! Stay tuned!

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