Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How's it going?

Well It's going great actually! I'm completing my challenge requirements set by my husband and even exceeding them! HUMPH to you hubby, who said I couldn't do it!! :) I haven't been putting my WOD info on here that I have been doing so here is what we did today at CFN!!

7 x 1 Shoulder Press (Still can only do 55#) But Julie was awesome and PR'd I believe!! WHOO HOO! AND the Warrior Sista's :) were working it out to my right today!! I'm not sure what their #'s were, but I must find out! They were rocking' it! 
12 minute AMRAP of:
3 Snatches (any style) 135/95# (my form still sucks, this is the hardest movement for me to get down)
20 Double-Unders (I did 60 singles)
So the final result was 8 rounds in 12 minutes.
I've tried a couple new recipes this week. One was 5 spice short ribs by  They were yummy and very easy since it was a crock pot meal.
The other one was called kitchen sink hash from It was AWESOME!!!
I would add a picture but something is funky and I can't this morning. Hmmm....mental note.....must get hubby to fix this.....

Have a great day everyone.....Eat Clean, Work Hard, Don't Give Up, and Don't Give In!! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Food Journal

So I have been asked from quit a few people lately…"what exactly do you eat all day?" Well, I have been keeping a food journal lately (which I HIGHLY recommend) and decided I will share with you EXACTLY what I have eaten over the last 9 days.

B: 2 eggs and 2 pc of bacon
L: Grilled chicken and steak over lettuce, sauteed onions and peppers with salsa and guacamole
S: unsweetened coconut and 1 tb of almond butter
D: tuna and a hard boiled egg on a bed of greens, onion and cucumbers

B: hard boiled egg (shoulda had more, running late)
L: grilled chicken salad
S: a bit of pineapple and 1/4 sweet potato
D: grass fed beef, grilled veggies (onion, asparagus, broccoli) and guacamole

B: 1/2 sweet potato, roasted asparagus
L: grilled chicken salad
S: small amount of pineapple
D: left over grass fed beef, veggies and guac from yesterday

B: 2 eggs, 2 pc of bacon, asparagus
L: grilled chicken salad
S: 1/4 sweet potato
D: last of the grass fed beef, veggies and guac on a bed of lettuce

B: deviled eggs, but filled with guacamole instead of mayo
L: side salad, burger patty
S: coconut milk, unsweetened coconut, pecans (refrigerated like my chocolate pudding. see previous post)
D: Lemon pepper chicken and roasted broccoli

B: left over lemon pepper chicken
L: Huge green salad with bacon
S: same coconut milk concoction from yesterday
D: Steak stir fry

B: 2 pc of turkey sausage, 2 eggs
L: left over steak stir fry
S: side salad
D: grilled chicken salad

B: only ate 1/2 hard boiled egg for some reason I wasn't hungry
L: Salad, broccoli, and grilled chicken
D: 1/2 burger patty and salad with bacon

B: 2 eggs and turkey sausage
L: Salad and grass fed beef patty
D: chicken salad on top of greens, and tomato

I notice I have lots of salad in here. But I change it up. Sometimes it is traditional oil and vinegar, sometimes there is fruit in the salad and I make a vinaigrette with citrus, sometimes I like more of a mexican feel so I add spicy salsa and guac.

Note to self…. get more sweet potatoes….YUM!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Challenges, Sweet Potatoes and CHOCOLATE PUDDING!!?!??!?

Well, I have to admit that I have been a little lenient on my dark chocolate lately. SO, to regain my control I asked my husband to give me a challenge. And boy did he ever. He made me a chart of things to accomplish for the month and also a chart of rewards!! Among the list of things to do for 31 days is Cross Fit 2x's a week (obviously), NO SUGAR, keeping a food journal and turn it into him at the end of the month, running for 20 minutes 3x's a week. I HATE running!! I would rather lift all day than run for 20 minutes. I'm not even sure if I can without stopping. Anyway, I'm going for it all!! Wish me luck!!

Speaking of my chocolate obsession.....I have a wonderful chocolate pudding recipe for ya! I really wanted pudding one night so I scoured the pantry and spied a can of coconut milk. A-HA! I think I might know how to make what I'm craving. I had no idea if the coconut milk would get thick in the fridge so I added some coconut oil for good measure.

one can of full fat coconut milk
1-2 T of coconut oil
2 oz of dark chocolate (more or less depending on your goals)

I melted the oil and chocolate and then added the coconut milk. I wisked it till it was smooth, placed plastic wrap on top and put it in the fridge overnight. The next morning my daughter was so excited to see if it had turned out like we expected so she right right to the fridge first thing. We tasted it and....well.... I'll put it like this....I had to put my foot down and declare that we could NOT eat pudding for breakfast. It was really good and the consistency was perfect. I figure next time I can add some vanilla and cinnamon, or maybe coconut and almond extract and some shredded coconut. The possibilities are endless!! If you try a different flavor let me know how it turned out.

O.k. I love sweet potatoes, but I don't like baking them. So I saw on pinterest where you can bake potatoes in a crock pot and thought I would give it a try. But I made a few adjustments and I think they are important. I first placed 2 cups of water in the bottom of my crock pot, then inserted a steamer basket, and then put my sweet potatoes in. I also wrapped the washed and still damp potatoes in aluminum foil before placing them in the crock pot. I put them on high for 4 hours and off I went to run errands.

I only cooked two cause this will last me for four days. I can't eat too much of this, well I CAN but, ya know... Just like the chocolate, I can get carried away with some sweet potatoes. Anyway, they turned out perfect!! I was very pleasantly surprised!

I put in some grass fed butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, unsweetened coconut and ate it up!! Well, 1/2 of it. YUMMY! If you just happen to want a good read on the sweet potato, here is a book to try... It is called Sweet Potato Power and it is awesome! I'm a nerd....I know...