Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So that marinade from yesterday......AWESOME! Totally gonna use that again this week! Today I got my sweat on at CFN and the work out was as follows.....

warm up:
stretches and 250 meters on the row machine


one round for time
50 back squat 35lbs.
5 mini rope climbs
40 back squat 35 lbs
4 mini rope climbs
30 back squats 35 lbs
3 mini rope climbs
20 back squats 35 lbs
2 mini rope climbs
10 back squats 35 lbs
1 mini rope climb
time 14:36

one minor, minor accomplishment today was getting on the rope and hanging. Didn't GO anywhere but I finally was able to get up there and hang so props to me! :)

Todays eats so far have consisted of two eggs and zucchini, and salad with chicken, guac and salsa. Also a square of 75% dark chocolate. no more commercial dark for me.....still too much sugar. Only 75% and above.

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