Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Who Am I?

Basically I am a follower of Jesus Christ who happens to be a wife, mommy of 2 beautiful girls, cross fit lover, and have Hashimoto's.
Hashimoto's is an auto-immune disorder that attacks the thyroid. My thyroid is VERY under active due to the Hashimoto's. I found out I had the disorder after the birth of my second child. I thought it was the end of the world! Seriously. Probably because my dr. seemed to give me no hope of ever living the life I was used to. I was extremely fatigued, losing my hair, cold, depressed, and had no motivation to do anything. She basically said this is how it is going to be and you will be on meds for your entire life. Wow. Thanks doc! The whole idea of autoimmune really scared me. I went home and prayed...."Lord, I know you can heal me of this. Should you choose not to, would you please show me a way that I can help myself? The next day I went to Madison Drugs to pick up some vitamins, and Terry (the pharmacist) found out about my diagnosis and said..."You are obviously gluten free right?" I was like....what is gluten and why can't I have it? Well, he started giving me lots of information which actually made me feel even worse. (Pity party warning!!!) I got in my car and started bawling!! *whine, whine* " I have to be on meds my whole life and now I can't have bread or pasta or soy or ANYTHING!!!" *whine,whine* All of a sudden it was as if the Lord tapped me on my shoulder to say...Hello!?!? Didn't you ask me to show you what you could do to help yourself? I did, and now you are complaining? That second I blew my nose, girded up my loins and was on a mission. And I have been on that mission to this very day.
After doing lots of research, I started eating a Paleo type diet. Basically it is just eating REAL food. Avoiding processed foods, grains, gluten, dairy and soy. I eat lean meats, grass fed beef, eggs, veggies galore, I can have fruit but choose to limit those and also nuts and seeds.

Anyway, that is how I eat and now just recently I can start to talk about how I work out!!! I'm so flipping' excited about this! I just started cross fit nomad yesterday. I was terrified and super excited at the same time! here was my work out.....

warm up
10 front leg swings
10 side leg swings
10 arm swings
10 pass throughs
10 lunges
200 meter run

WOD - "Dae Han"
3 rounds-beginner level

200 meter run
9 scaled rope climbs
12 thrusters 35lbs.
time: 17:24

today I did this at home:
WOD "Susan"
5 rounds

200 meter run
10 air squats
10 push ups
time: 7:56

I can't wait to go back to the gym tomorrow and get at it again!! If I am ever able to do a pull up by myself....PARTY AT MY HOUSE!!

Now I just want to say that this is what is working for ME. I am not telling you you should do the same thing. If you have other opinions....great, you do that. This is what I do for ME. Not only have I lost 30 lbs, and gotten rid of ALL of my Hashimoto symptoms...... but (even though I had great levels to start with) since changing my eating, my insulin and cholesterol levels have dropped even more. My doc. was very happy with my lab work!

Oh today's dinner is gonna be a new one from...
I will tell you how the family likes it.

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