Sunday, February 10, 2013

What the heck do you feed your kids for lunch everyday?!?!

That is a question I have gotten quite often. I will tell is not always easy. Right now I'm trying to blog about how to feed your kids healthy paleo meals and I really should be asking you guys how to properly dress my child. We just got home from church and I realized that her dress was on backwards all morning throughout church and during lunch out  at a restaurant with friends. Wow, where was MY head at this morning?

Anyway..... listen....I know....I get it mom's...It is super easy to grab some cereal, some granola bars, something prepackaged and quick to thrown down for your kids. I understand, I'm just here to offer some alternatives. Now, don't think I've got it all figured out. My kids aren't 100% paleo. When they eat at home, this is what I feed them. When they go to birthday parties...they eat cake. If you are a mom who feeds your child 100% paleo....Congratulations and good for you, I'm just not there yet. :) That being said....Let's get this started.....

If you have been around Paleo Mommy any length of time at all you know how much I stress the importance of preparation. Same goes with quick easy lunches at my house. I get home from the store and the first thing that happens is boil a dozen eggs.

Next make up some meat for the breakfast and lunch...this weeks I needed some sausage balls.

Prep veggies and fruit for easy grab and go snack and for meals.

Here are some veggie strips, washed peeled and cut. Some grapes, blueberries and apples washed and ready to go, pre-made graNOla, pre-made chicken salad, washed and shredded lettuce, prepped strawberries (not washed until ready to eat) and not pictured is the eggs and sausage balls which will be used for lunches and for breakfasts. Here is the menu for the week, I even gave you our breakfasts.....see how much I love you guys?!?! :)

Breakfast- egg, bacon, bluberries
Lunch- chicken salad on lettuce, graNOla, strawberries

Breakfast- NOatmeal with cinnamon and blueberries
Lunch- hardboiled eggs filled with tuna salad, apples and hazelnut butter with cocoa powder, and pickle

Breakfast- Coconut yogurt with graNOla and strawberries
Lunch- Leftover spaghetti (zucchini noodles topped with sausage balls and sauce) and asparagus

Breakfast- NOatmeal again 
Lunch- ham roll ups with mustard and pepper strips, coconut yogurt, and blueberries

Breakfast- Banana bread with strawberries
Lunch- Pick out what you want day- they chose hard boiled egg, sausage, pistachios, grapes, and pepper sticks.


  1. This was enormously helpful to me! I've been mostly paleo for a few months now but was struggling with how to switch my 3 littles over- esp for lunches (they already eat whatever we fix for dinner). Mainly bc lets face it, with 3 little ones (3&under) if it isn't quick and easy, it doesn't usually happen. I'm for real super happy you shared this. :)

  2. What's you're recipe for NOatmeal? Looks wonderful. I'm really struggling with recipes for my 2-year-old... Especially trying to balance his sweet tooth. He'd much rather eat nothing but apples for lunch rather than chicken salad. :)

  3. Thanks Sarah!! :)

    Vanessa - SO the NOatmaeal is just 1 banana mashed up with 2 Tbl of coconut manna and some cinnamon. So probably won't help with the sweet tooth!! haha! My kids gobble up the fruit before anything else on their plate too. Unless it is sausage or bacon, or brussel sprouts funny enough! ha!

  4. Oh, and one more thing the NOatmeal is NOT my recipe, but I can't remember where I found it. SO if you see something like it online let me know so I can link to it and give them credit!!