Wednesday, March 14, 2012


SO It was my first day back at CFN in over a week. Boy, did I pick a day! The warm up was a 400 meter run, butt kickers, high knees, lunges, and inch worms. Then we had some double under training. I was worn out and the WOD had not even started yet! The WOD was as follows..

Team Workout
100 kettle bell swings (I used 16lb kb)
800 meter run with 25lb plate held overhead
100 wall balls ( I used 10 lb ball)
100 pull ups ( I did body rows)
200 double unders or 400 jump ropes

Time: 26:20

I really don't like team work outs. I don't want to disappoint other people or hurt their time or jip their workout. I did have an awesome partner today. If I'm not mistaken, his name was Jeremy. I'm SO HORRIBLE at remembering names. I'm so nervous when I meet new people that it is hard to remember things. I tried to look for him on the site to make sure I got his name right but he wasn't on there. He was a great athlete and a great encourager so it made my first actual team experience quite pleasant.

I thought I wasn't gonna make it through this work out but I did and felt awesome AFTER it was all over! :)

I made a pretty awesome breakfast after I got home too. I'm thinking I made this up since I haven't seen a recipe for this before, but who knows....I opened the fridge and spied 2 hard boiled eggs and some individual packs of wholly guacamole......

I halved the eggs and emptied out the yolk
mixed in the pack of guac, a little bit of diced jalapeno, and a chopped up piece of bacon
then stuffed the eggs with that mixture and consumed! It.was.YUMMY.

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