Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Wow, it has been along time since I blogged. I headed back to CFN today...first time in a week. I was sick and down for the count all last week. And then when I felt the cough had died down enough for me to return, I popped a rib out of place. Kinda hard to cross fit with an out of place rib.... ANYHOO!!

Diet has been fine. I am reading on veggies that have a negative effect on AI diseases. I'm probably going to be cutting out eggs, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and broccoli here in the near future and see if that makes a difference to my body. I'm also cutting out all sugar for the next month. The hubs said he would give me 20 dollars if I can do it. So far I have gone a half a day. Is it sad that the first thing I thought when he said 20 dollars was..."I could get 6 iced coffees for that!" That is probably gonna be the hardest thing to cut out, and the dark chocolate. Although I could have 100% dark but that is just too strong for me. I also started the couch to 5k treadmill program. I have GOT to get better in my running. NO long distances in my future (it is just too hard on the body) but 800 meters is not that far to run and I can't even make it 400 without getting out of breath. Anyway, I'm on day 3 of C25k and day 1 of sugar free.

Today's workout:

1 X 10 @ 65lbs
1 X 8 @ 75 lbs
1X 6 @ 75lbs
1 X 6 @ 75lbs
1 X 6 @75 lbs

I know that 75 is not my max rep. I could do more weight for a single squat but I couldn't do more for multiple squats.

We did a bit of mobility and then onto the WOD:

kettlebell swings 20lbs
shoulder presses 15 lbs
toes to bar ( I could only do knee raises)
Time: 11:30

bonus awesomness for fortune cookie..

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