Friday, March 30, 2012

Prep time

Today is grocery day. I have made my menu for the next couple weeks and I have gotten every thing ready. I spent about 2 hours today prepping for snacks and meals for next week. I would say that I am about 98% prepped. I'm hoping that this will make meal times go much smoother for me and I won't be dreading cooking cause I have to spend so much time washing and chopping veggies.

So what we have here is 3 heads of cleaned and chopped romaine, peeled/seeded/sliced cucumber, and cleaned and sliced radishes for salads. 3 huge chopped onions, 1 lb. of cleaned and sliced mushrooms, 1 lb of cleaned and trimmed asparagus, 1lb of washed and chopped broccoli, and 1 lb of picked and washed grapes. I also peeled and sliced up a pound of carrots and an acorn squash so that it is ready for roasting. On the meat side I diced up some chicken that will go into a soup, and sliced up a pound of chicken and placed it in a marinade ready for fajita lettuce wraps. I also filleted a couple of pounds of chicken - one for lemon pepper chicken and one for bbq chicken. Don't worry....chicken is NOT the only thing we will be eating. I've also got 4 lbs of grass fed beef divided in the freezer, a pound of shrimp, and some apple chicken sausage. I bought some ground turkey breast for my first attempt at turkey breakfast sausage, and this week will also be my first attempt at zucchini fritters. (made with coconut flour) Hopefully I will get some yummy looking food to take pics of!!

P.S. I'll say it again...the BEST fajita marinade I've had.....EVER!

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