Sunday, October 20, 2013

Two New Recipes Just For YOU!!

Hi Guys! I want to thank you all for your participation in the last giveaway. And since you guys gave me a good response, I already have the next giveaway in the works! But I will let you know about that one in the next few weeks.

Today....Let's talk SOUP! I'm gonna be honest with ya. Soup is NOT my favorite thing. Most of the time I only make soup when I'm trying to get rid of produce that will go bad if I don't use it up. Hence most of my soups are vegetable of some kind.  The only kind of soup that I am really fond of is Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana soup. YEAH.....C'mon, ya know your with me! You remember those pre-paleo days when you sat down to endless soup and salad, with some breadsticks sopping up every ounce of that soup!! Anyway, I've been sitting on this recipe for a LOOOOONG time, but I can't hold it in anymore. And I'm gonna need your help to share it and get it out there. It is SO good!

It all came about one weekend, when I had gone to the farmers market and picked up some pastured pork bacon and sausage. (Side note: Please support your local farmers. Especially your quality meat and egg farmers. They are providing us with a quality product that as of now we all can't readily get in our grocery stores. Let's thank them by supporting them as much and possible) Anywho, the next day I was in my local Earth Fare, where most of the produce is seasonal. We came upon these burgundy skinned potatoes. My kids said "Hey mom! What's that?" I had to look at the tag cause I had no idea. It read, Japanese Sweet Potato. So since we had never had it before we grabbed a few and took them home. Like I said, the outside of the potato is a deep burgundy color,  but when we cut it open it was a beautiful creamy white color. I didn't expect that. But the first thing that popped into my head was that marvelous zuppa toscana soup that is made with sausage and potatoes. So off I went to play around in the kitchen and come up with a delicious paleo equivalent. And this, my friend, is the product. Oh, by the way the potato will turn black if you leave it peeled and cut for a while so place the cut slices in a bowl of cold water until you are ready to use. Also, I have had 2 testers make this with regular sweet potato and it worked just fine. This recipe serves about 6-8 and is a one pot recipe. Yeah, I know, it just gets better and better!! :)

Sausage and Potato Soup with Kale

4 slices of pastured bacon, diced
1 lb of pastured HOT pork sausage
1 onion, diced
4 cloves of garlic, minced
1/2 tsp of red pepper flakes
32 oz of chicken broth
2 1/2 cups of water
2 medium Japanese sweet potatoes, sliced into thin half moons
2 cups of kale cut into ribbons
1 can of full fat organic coconut milk
salt and pepper to taste (basically just pepper, you get plenty of salt flavor from the bacon and sausage)

-In a soup pot, over medium heat, crisp up your diced bacon
-Once crisp, remove from pot and add sausage to brown
-Once browned, drain and place sausage with your reserved bacon
-Add about a tablespoon of the fat that you just drained back to the pot along with your red pepper flakes, and garlic
-Stir together for about 30 sec. You just want to get them going until they are fragrant.
-Add in onion and cook till translucent
-Add back in the bacon and sausage
-Add in broth, water and potatoes
-Bring to a boil and cook for about 15 minutes or until the potatoes are just tender. Don't over cook. Keep an eye on it
-Add in kale and coconut milk and continue cooking until kale is cooked. About 5 more minutes
-Add pepper to taste and serve

Now how about another quick and easy recipe???? How about some Honey Chipotle Meatballs??

1/2 pound of grass fed beef
1/2 pound of pastured ground pork
salt and pepper
2 Tablespoons of coconut aminos
3 Tablespoons of raw honey
1 Tablespoon of finely minced chipotle in adobo pepper

-Mix together beef and pork seasoned with salt and pepper
-Make in to Tablespoon sized meatballs
-In a large skillet over medium heat, cook meatballs until browned and cook through
-Remove meatballs
-Add into your heated skillet the aminos, honey, and chipotle
-Bring to a bubble
-Add back in your meatballs and toss until thick and coated

This are my favorite meatballs!!

Well, next week I hope to share some of the most loved recipes and bring back some seasonal recipes that you might have missed. I hope you have a wonderful week and remember to share the blog and posts on FB. These will also be shared on Pinterest. Thanks so much for your support! Happy Paleo Eating!!!


  1. I'm New at this. Where can I find coconut aminos?

    1. Earth Fare and Whole Foods had them otherwise you could order from amazon. You could also leave it out of the meatballs and they would still be awesome! :)

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