Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's That Time Again!!

Don't you think it is about time for another give away? I am just so grateful for the over 1200 fans on the Paleo Mommy facebook page and for the 3,000 hits that gets each month. That might be small beans to most but to this ordinary paleo mommy of two, it is huge and I am so grateful!! Thank you all for your support!

That being said I thought I would showcase YOU and do a giveaway at the same time. But first things first....what am I giving away? Well, most of you know the amazing Sarah Fragoso. She is a wife, mom, author of 3 amazing cookbooks, and co-creator of Today I am giving you the opportunity to win her second cookbook Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook. Perfect for a busy mom, or anyone for that matter! There are some REALLY delicious recipes in there and some wonderful sauces!

Here is what YOU have to do. Just message me on my FB page or right here in the comments section and tell me how paleo has changed your life. You can send me before and after pics if you want also. I am going to be starting "Motivational Mondays" on the FB page and feature one of YOUR stories each monday. That way we can share and motivate each other to keep living the healthy life style. YOUR STORY SENT TO MY FB INBOX OR IN THE COMMENT SECTION HERE IS YOUR ENTRY! If you have already sent me your story from a previous request you are already entered!

RECAP: How to enter to win Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook

1. message me HERE or leave a comment down below about how Paleo has changed your life. (preferably in the FB inbox)
2. send before and after pics if you desire
3. one story will be selected randomly as the winner. Each story will be featured on "Motivational Monday" on the FB page.

The more participants we get..the more giveaways I can do! So please like the post on FB and share the post with your friends. Good luck and I can't wait to hear your stories!!! Thank you all so much again!!


  1. I, more or less, fell into eating paleo. My husband and I met out at a boulder field while rock climbing and after we got married, it just became easier to cook paleo (which is how he was eating at the time) for us both than figure out two different meals. Over the years, I have become much more strict and him less so, and figured out how it works in our lives. As I've begun eating only whole foods, I have more energy. I can bike my commute, session at the local climbing gym, and still have the energy to settle in to study at the end of the evening (I'm in graduate school right now).

  2. Paleo has changed my life. I no longer have skin allergies and don't walk around itching and scratching. Nothing like having itchy armpits in the middle of a presentation for the company higher-ups! I have more energy and feel and look healthier.

  3. So my short story is that after having my first child over 8 years ago I started displaying some major health concerns. Everything from upside down Cortisol levels to cystic acne to major digestive distress. After trying "everything" to fix the problem I adopted Paleo lifestyle (2 years ago) and no longer have any of the health issues!

    But the greatest reward of going Paleo is that after trying for over a year and a half to have another baby, I got pregnant! My son is now 8 months old and is a healthy, magnificent paleo baby!

    My pregnancies couldn't have been any more different! I gained 60-70 pounds with Lily and only about 35 with Eli. It took only 7 months to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight with Eli and that is amazing to me.

    I am still nursing and cant believe the difference in cravings and appetite; I was ravenous for everything and anything with Lily.

    I weighed about 40 pounds more at delivery with Lil! And the difference in the weight of the children is amazing: Lily was 9'14", and Eli was 7'15"!! Whoa!!

    Paleo has not only changed my life, it has changed the blueprint of my childrens' health!!!

  4. I left you a message on FB also but wanted to cover my basis so I will leave it here too lol

    Paleo changed my life completely on May 6th, 2013, basically my new birthday now.
    My husband passed away March 2008 and my life went into a tail spin, I hit my max weight of 281 and decided I wanted to live again, I discovered the Paleo lifestyle and I haven't looked back.
    I'm not going to lie, it was so hard for me to give up everything I ever knew about food and start over, the first 2 weeks were the hardest for me. I felt like a drug addict that was going through withdraws; I had the shakes, cold sweats, mood swings, constantly throwing up but I didn't give up because I knew my old self was dying in order to make room for my new & improved one.
    Then one day I was on the other side!
    The sun was shining brighter, everything smelled fresh & new, I was seeing life for the first time in a long time.
    I gave myself 60 days to adjust to my new way of eating and then it was like my body was completely in control and it craved exercise, workouts, and more. I joined my gym on Father's Day this year, now I'm down 65 lbs in 5.5 months, help motivate others with my fan page "Fighting The Fat" and in the gym 6 (sometimes 7) days a week!
    I'm up at 4:30am every morning and in the gym doors when they open at 5 to kickstart my day. I give people on my page clean Paleo recipes everyday as well as a treat so they can see that just because you choose to eat clean & healthy, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice delicious foods.
    Thank you for the chance to tell you my story and win the cookbook.
    You're welcome to check out my page as well here

  5. I just decided to take the plunge to the Paleo lifestyle. I'm already gluten and dairy free so I'm 3/4th of the way there already. I have some fitness goals that I think Paleo will help with. Just liked your FB page so I can get some tips. Would love to migrate my family over as well. Going dairy free changed my life.

  6. I came across your Facebook page through the Everyday Paleo facebook page. :) I'm fresh into the Paleo lifestyle as of 3.5 weeks ago. I had my 3rd baby back in April of this year. I'm 34 years old with a beautiful 11 year old daughter, 8 year old son and a healthy 6 month old baby boy. I lost my Mother at the young age of 60 this past January due to a heart attack caused by diabetes. I got incredibly depressed and went through stages where my husband had to force me to eat and stages where I would overeat (all bad stuff too). My family doctor told me I was high risk for diabetes and that was enough to scare me into changing my life around. I ballooned up to 230 lbs at my pregnancy and as of today have lost nearly 50 lbs. The first 2 weeks of paleo were extremely hard. Major headaches, extreme fatigue and no energy to do anything. Now that I'm halfway through my 3rd week I find I'm getting up before the alarm clock. I'm getting a ton of chores done around the house, I'm finding the interest to exercise, take my son out for a walk and do so much more. My mood swings have subsided. I feel like a new person and I hope this feeling stays with me. :)

  7. My wife and I want to start the Paleo Diet plan to lose weight, live healthier and get rid of toxins in our bodies. I would love to win one of your cook books to help us get started on the right path! Thank you!