Friday, May 17, 2013

TWO, That's Right, TWO Ingredient Crock Pot Pulled Pork!

Busy days coming up.... dress rehersals, ballet recitals, teaching VBS. And you know what busy times call for......the crockpot!! Us mommies have to put dinner on the table even when our schedule is full and there seems to be no time for cooking.

Well I bought a pork shoulder last week thinking I would make my friend George's crock pot pulled pork for my dad because I LOVE it. Well we ended up taking my dad out to eat most of the time so I still had this beautiful pork shoulder in the fridge. Even though George's recipe is super simple, It was late and I needed to get that thing cooking. So instead of going and gathering all the spices to rub on the pork, I literally just threw the 2 and a half pound shoulder in the crock pot. It has enough fat that no water or anything else is needed. That cooked for 10 hours on low while I was snoozing. This morning the house smelled great!!! The shoulder was falling apart.

I pulled the shoulder out of the crock pot, poured off the fat and returned the roast to the pot. I shredded it with 2 forks and added 1 cup of magic!

Those of you with Whole Food stores around you need to go ahead and make a trip if only for one thing. This one thing will make our busy paleo lives that much simpler. It is Tessemae's dressings!! There are a few that contain soy so make sure you read your labels, but most are 100% paleo... and DELICIOUS! I mentioned the southwest ranch flavor that I had with breakfast yesterday morning on FB. I also take that with me when I go out to eat to avoid the funky oils served in restaurants. Well, they also have a bbq sauce called Matty's BBQ. It is phenomenal! I'm from NC and it totally made my pork remind me of the vinegar-y tasting pulled pig from my home state. It was juicy, vinegar-y and sweet tasting. I also got a thumbs up and "delicious" from my non-paleo hubs and both the kids!! SCORE one for mom!!

So to recap...
throw a pork shoulder in a crock pot and cook on low for 10 hours
pull out pork, pour off fat and return roast to pot
shred with fork
add tessemae's matty's bbq sauce and cook for another hour on high

If you don't have a whole food or a place that carries tessamae's you can order here online. You can also find locations close to you that sell it on their website also.

P.S. I get NOTHING for recommending this product, I just love it and it makes life a little bit simpler! :) And who doesn't need that!?!

Now check out these wonderful ingredients....

And now....check out that gorgeous, tasty pulled pork!!!!! 


  1. I'll be looking for this dressing to try with my next crockpot pork adventure. It sounds great!

  2. Been looking for a simple paleo pulled pork recipe! Excited to try! Did you put pork shoulder in frozen or thawed?