Monday, July 7, 2014

New Smoothie

So I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding "drinking" your food in the Paleo world. I know that it is frowned upon. I also know that for the most part it is frowned upon because people usually fill their smoothies with tons of fruit and milk. Well, I do make smoothies for breakfast. Mainly because it is easy for me and because it is a great vehicle for some nutrients and minerals that I wouldn't normally get throughout the day. So in case you are wondering here is my new morning smoothie and the reasons why I use those particular ingredients.

1/2 frozen banana - sweetness, potassium, good for digestion
1 cup of coconut milk
1T of cacao nibs, unsweetened - flavanoids, heart healthy
1 T of chia seeds - good for digestion, protien, omega 3
1 T of coconut oil - healthy fat, aides in satiety, too many others to it
1 T of Great Lakes gelatin powder - protein, bone health
5 dashes of turmeric - oh, where to begin..anti-inflammatory for my purposes
5 dashes of cinnamon - blood sugar regulator and it tastes good!
2 brazil nuts - selenium, thyroid health

That's it folks. I do love this smoothie and ONE of my daughters do too. She thinks it's like chocolate chip milk! haha!

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