Monday, March 4, 2013

Paleo Heaven

So it's Monday.....and I'm sitting at the computer, multitasking. Chomping on my breakfast of bacon and cherry, spinach, coconut milk smoothie and getting my blogging duties done. Also in the process I will be trying to recover from one of the busiest weeks I've had in a long, long while.

I had the awesome opportunity to be in the audience at a taping of a show featuring Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo fame. It was a loooooooong night, but well worth it. I met some wonderful people who all shared the same story. And that story was that was that Paleo nutrition has saved our lives.

I ended up being the first one there. I was traveling the farthest so I wanted to make sure that I was on time. When I walked in I was greeted by Sarah's husband John. Super nice, but so was EVERYONE! Next in was Sarah's assistant Dana. We chatted for a while about Sarah's new cookbook which I have but haven't really gone through it yet.

Then Jason Seib just strolls by after getting his make-up done, a hilarious thought just on its own!! Dana introduces us and I am so nervous and stuttering. If you don't know Jason let me tell ya a bit about him. He owns and operates Clackamas Physical Conditioning in Oregon. He has changed the lives of the dedicated people that have walked through the doors of his gym. He has written blogs on Everyday Paleo that are just so helpful while living this lifestyle. The co-runs with Sarah. There and also on his FB he will answer and try to help you with any questions you may have. They also have a podcast that is chock full of wonderful information. And last but not least he is the author of the highly anticipated book, The Paleo Coach. Obviously I am a huge fan of this dude!

Well, we chat it up about Hashimoto and the differences Paleo has made in my life. He mentions that it is stories like mine that keep them doing what they do even when it goes against the grain, so to speak. haha! He leaves and about 5 minutes later comes back and sits next to me to ask if I spell my name with and A or and O. He gave me an autographed copy of his book that hasn't even been released yet. SO AWESOME!! I have been looking so forward to this book!!

Next I meet a pretty huge dude. Like...he is BIG! Fit....but BIG! He was very funny and super sweet. Then after talking to a couple of other people he walks out of the room and all the dudes in the room start getting giddy!?!?! What is happening? Why are all this dudes getting all flustered over that guy, who's name is Forrest Griffin. Come to find out, from my friend who is a fan, that he is a UFC fighter, and kind of a big deal. Now I can understand the reaction from all the men in the house!! haha!

So we taped 2 shows that night and each show had some guests and a cooking segment....MY FAVORITE!!! 

Sarah made some food for us too since we were STARVING! We had yummy, spicy Mexican Stew and some Chicken Salad in pepper boats and  on cucumber rounds. She also had some Bubbies Pickles, which Jason and I smelled as soon as the cart was rolled out. They are his favorite too. I mean seriously we just bought some yesterday and my two girls literally jumped up and down and cheered when they saw me get them off the shelf!! haha!

The next episode featured the story of a Nashville Cardiologist Thomas Cabell. This story was amazing. Long story short he recommends Paleo to his patients. Their were also a couple of his patients there who's lives where change by eating real food!! Also we met Miss Hawaii 2011 Christie Oclaray. Who come to find out has both Hashimoto and Graves disease. She keeps it under control by eating Paleo.

So at the end I finally got to actually meet Sarah. She was so kind and signed a copy of Paleo Pals to my kiddos! I am SO extremelly tired in this pic!!

Next up was a women's conference at my church. I was teaching in one of the breakout sessions on Paleo Nutrition. 

Pic of my white board. Showing the difference in eating S.A.D and Paleo, the vicious sugar/processed carb cycle, and that we actually DO eat carbohydrates. 

The sessions were so fun. People were so interested and had lots of questions. But my favorite time was at the end when people stayed over to talk about some of the personal health stuff they were going through. My goodness, I know all too well of the frustration they are going through when they are doing all that they are told to do and getting no results. I was blessed to be able to witness hope in their eyes after hearing my story. That same hope that I grasped onto when Teri Wingo told me that I need to eat this way. It was just a huge honor and blessing to be able to share things with people that could give them a better quality of life! If one person changes and becomes more healthy all the planning, prepping, and anxiety was worth it!! :) 

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