Friday, July 6, 2012

A few good recipes

I have made some YUMMY stuff lately. I love the past few recipes that I have tried from my favorite blogs. First of all I made Coconut Candy. I didn't take a picture because it was gone REALLY fast. My daughters LOVED it. Here is the recipe from Tropical Traditions.

1 cup of coconut cream concentrate or coconut butter
1/2 cup of raw honey (I didn't have nearly this much honey on hand, so I only added like 2 Tbls. And it was still yummy!)
1 tsp lemon zest
juice of 1 lemon
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
shredded unsweetened coconut (optional)

Mix the first 5 ingredients together until smooth. Form into balls. I made them about an inch around. Then roll them in the shredded coconut. Place on a baking sheet and put in the fridge. They will harden a bit as they are chilled. Then eat em'!

Next up was stovetop carnitas from

These were very easy to make and they had good flavor. But the flavor was VERY strong for me. For some reason though, when I ate some the next day it seemed to be more tame. Either that, or I was just famished and didn't really care. I thought since the flavor was so bold that it would be good in a salad. So that's just what I did. My husband really like this as well.

I just chopped some lettuce and topped it with cucumber, red onion and shredded carrots. Added salsa, carnitas and guac. It was really tasty!!

Another awesome recipe, which I will be taking to my box tomorrow, is these bluebery espresso brownies by 

I think the pic speaks for itself, but incase it doesn't...........OH MY WORD THESE ARE FANTASTIC! That should do it! Very easy recipe. Even my husband LOVED these, and he usually thinks that paleo baked goods are "weird".  Go make!

Now, I get lots of questions about eating out while Paleo and even though there are some down is still doable. More than likely you are going to be eating some canola oil, or vegetable oil, or some other yucky oil that you wouldn't use at home. But the other stuff you can control. One very important thing is Gluten. Make sure you let your waiter know that you are avoiding gluten. That is the one thing that we want to avoid at all costs. We just went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse the other night and this is my dinner. I've got 2/3's of that sweet potato in my fridge for after my CFN workout tomorrow. That sucka was HUGE!

I've got 3 new recipes coming up to try in the next couple of weeks and I will let you know how they turned out!! Have a great week!!

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