Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Food Journal

So I have been asked from quit a few people lately…"what exactly do you eat all day?" Well, I have been keeping a food journal lately (which I HIGHLY recommend) and decided I will share with you EXACTLY what I have eaten over the last 9 days.

B: 2 eggs and 2 pc of bacon
L: Grilled chicken and steak over lettuce, sauteed onions and peppers with salsa and guacamole
S: unsweetened coconut and 1 tb of almond butter
D: tuna and a hard boiled egg on a bed of greens, onion and cucumbers

B: hard boiled egg (shoulda had more, running late)
L: grilled chicken salad
S: a bit of pineapple and 1/4 sweet potato
D: grass fed beef, grilled veggies (onion, asparagus, broccoli) and guacamole

B: 1/2 sweet potato, roasted asparagus
L: grilled chicken salad
S: small amount of pineapple
D: left over grass fed beef, veggies and guac from yesterday

B: 2 eggs, 2 pc of bacon, asparagus
L: grilled chicken salad
S: 1/4 sweet potato
D: last of the grass fed beef, veggies and guac on a bed of lettuce

B: deviled eggs, but filled with guacamole instead of mayo
L: side salad, burger patty
S: coconut milk, unsweetened coconut, pecans (refrigerated like my chocolate pudding. see previous post)
D: Lemon pepper chicken and roasted broccoli

B: left over lemon pepper chicken
L: Huge green salad with bacon
S: same coconut milk concoction from yesterday
D: Steak stir fry

B: 2 pc of turkey sausage, 2 eggs
L: left over steak stir fry
S: side salad
D: grilled chicken salad

B: only ate 1/2 hard boiled egg for some reason I wasn't hungry
L: Salad, broccoli, and grilled chicken
D: 1/2 burger patty and salad with bacon

B: 2 eggs and turkey sausage
L: Salad and grass fed beef patty
D: chicken salad on top of greens, and tomato

I notice I have lots of salad in here. But I change it up. Sometimes it is traditional oil and vinegar, sometimes there is fruit in the salad and I make a vinaigrette with citrus, sometimes I like more of a mexican feel so I add spicy salsa and guac.

Note to self…. get more sweet potatoes….YUM!

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