Monday, January 20, 2014

New Year.....New Giveaway!!!

It's still January. Some of you are still holding onto those New Years Resolutions. Congrats! I know lots of you have healthier eating goals for the new year....thats what my last post was all about. Some of you have started eating paleo, whole 30, or sugar detox. And some of you are on the verge of giving in and giving up.

Well, I have something that can help you with your healthier eating goals! And something that will help you to keep on keeping on. Most of us run out of steam with our eating goals because we run out of ideas. We eat the same thing day in and day out and say to ourselves, "I can't LIVE like this!" What if I told you that the wonderful Melissa Joulwan (from the very delightful blog The Clothes Make the Girl, and the suburb cookbook Well Fed) has agreed to give one of my readers a copy of her latest masterpiece, Well Fed 2!!

Some time ago she released her second cookbook and very generously sent me a copy to cook from and let me tell you.......You thought the first one was yummy???....Well Fed 2 is even yummier!! I could that even be possible? My absolute favorite thing about her recipes are her use of spices. It is my personal opinion that home cooks don't utilize spices nearly enough. It is also my opinion that spices not only hold incredible flavor but some pretty stellar medicinal and healing qualities as well. Other cultures that know and understand the benefit of these spices BEGIN with spices as the base of their dishes and build on that. We tend to throw some spices in at the end of our cooking and we tend to use the same spices over and over again instead of learning and venturing outside the box. We should attempt cook with the rule: Spices to begin a dish, and fresh herbs to end it. Side note: I subscribe to Alton Brown's podcast and he recently did a show with the owners of The Spice House. Very should check it out! Anyway, Melissa doesn't just throw spices in willy nilly. There is a reason for each one. I credit her for my new found love of spices and spice mixtures. Boring food be gone!!

The spice and sauce sections in the book are invaluable on their own. I would absolutely buy this book for just those alone. When you have those under your belt, in is impossible to have another bland meal.

The burgers, balls, and bangers section of the book is my absolute favorite! The name is pretty great to! As you guys know.... I make LOTS meatballs to keep on hand every week anyway, and there isn't one in this book that isn't absolutely delicious! She is a flavor genius!!

There is also a section for quick meals. And we all need more ideas on how to get some fuel in us quick to avoid the drive thru!!

You WANT to own this cookbook and here is your chance to WIN it. If you love it (and you will) pay it forward and get a book for a friend who is struggling with new ideas for food. Sometimes people just need a little support and guidance to keep on keeping on!

Here's how to enter in just 4 easy steps:

1.  LIKE The Clothes Make the Girl on FB
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3.  Share this blog post with your friends and family. The more people that participate the more giveaways we can have. 
4.  And finally, leave a comment right here in the comment section letting us know that you did all the above. 

A winner will be randomly chosen on Monday January 27th and will be announced on the blog. You will have 24 hours to respond or I will have to chose another.

Good luck with your goal (I am here if you need any encouragement or support) and Good luck with the Giveaway!! Get busy!! :)


  1. I like both of y'all before this give away ;) I shared this on face book!!

  2. Why, yes, yes I did do all of the above. :)

  3. Done and done! Really want this book.

  4. I'm happy to have found another paleo resource in your blog and FB page. Thank you for your and PaleoMom's generosity!

  5. Liked and shared..I'm always looking for some fresh recipes!

  6. My challenge is complete (did all of the above)!! :)
    Good luck everyone!

  7. Liked and shared! Love this new cookbook/ way to eat for 2014 in my kitchen! Getting be back to the basics after 2 years of the fire alarm going off every time I turned the stove on!!!

  8. OMG! Pick me, pick me!! Like and shared :-)

  9. Ooh I would love this book! I just requested for my library to buy it, but a copy of my own would rock! Liked and shared. :)

  10. Did it all. I tried to get this book at my library but I am number 64 in line to get it :(

  11. Liked and Shared!

  12. I did it all... Hope I will win! Love your pages!